Cockatiel Sings iPhone Ring Tone

Lucky, the cockatiel is back!

December 21, 2017

© Ian Wilson | Dreamstime

I love animals and birds fascinate me, but I'm not sure I could have a cockatiel because they often imitate their owner's words and the sounds they hear. I can only imagine the things that would come out of my bird's mouth after just a few weeks of time with me. 

One cockatiel has gone viral for his amazing ability to recreate the iPhone ringtone. The bird apparently does it when he gets annoyed or when his owner is about to leave their house.

Ironically enough, even Lucky is annoyed by his ability to chirp the Apple iPhone ringtone. Check out the video of him listening to himself on the original Youtube video below.

I guess Lucky wants his 15 minutes of fame to be over now! He's had enough of the limelight! 

Here's a huge compilation of birds mocking other electronic sounds!