Is Coffee the Reason We Get Along With Our Coworkers?

Coffee is a powerful thing, but can it make us like people?

January 22, 2019

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Without my morning coffee, I am a mere shell of myself especially if I went to bed later then usual the night before. Coffee gives me that kick in the butt that helps me start my day and get motivated. It also can give me the midafternoon boost I need if I start dragging and have a lot left to accomplish. 

But a new study has found another benefit to drinking coffee that you may not expect. How do you get along with your coworkers? Do you like them or do you find them to be annoying? If you fit into the latter category, you need to drink more coffee right now. 

Dreading that afternoon meeting that seems to be pointless? Load up on some coffee beforehand and you'll likely feel better about it. “We see coffee being served in many meetings but found very little research on how coffee might affect group dynamics. Most research is about how coffee affects an individual. So, we decided to study the effects (if any), of consumption of coffee on the performance of individuals in a group, and the collective output of the group,” explained study author Vasu Unnava of the University of California, Davis.

We've all heard of beer goggles, right? You know if you drink enough people start to look more attractive. Well, the research found that drinking coffee can give us "coffee goggles" and make us like the people we work with more. 

So before that meeting with the boss or having to work with a coworker that you don't like, drink some coffee and see if it makes the experience much better. Now excuse me while I go grab another cup of coffee!