College Majors That May Indicate You're A Psychopath

December 25, 2017

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We are obsessed with characteristics and traits people that may be psychopaths have. I guess it's for good reason too because no one wants to be a psycho. 

There are certain jobs and even certain alcoholic drinks that people that are psychopaths tend to gravitate towards. Also, the way they like their coffee can also be an indication too. 

Well, the latest study on psychopaths is all about what they studied in college. Who knew that your college major may make you more of a psychopath? We do now!

The study was conducted by the Aarhus University in Denmark and the results were published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. Essentially they found that people who opted for majors where they could have power and control in the workforce were just two of the findings. 

Surprisingly enough, psychology majors scored lower. I know I have heard many people make the comment that people who study psychology do so because they are nuts. The three majors that have more psychopaths in them are business, law, and economics. I know for me I would be psycho studying economics because it sounds so darn boring.