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Concord Pizzeria Creates a Bikini Made of Pizza

This is not a drill!

June 29, 2017

I feel like 2017 is the year of odd fashion and beauty trends. I guess it's also a year where we have seen a lot of bizarre food mashups too. 

This story can fit under fashion and food. 

Love Pizza? This may be the most impractical fashion/food item I have ever come across. 

July 5th is National Pizza Day and one pizzeria is celebrating a little early with some pizza fashion. And this pizza place, Villa Italian Kitchen, just happens to be local to Charlotte and in the Concord Mills Mall!

They are out of their minds, clearly! $10k for a bikini that will get moldy and fall apart. 

Just imagine all the flies and bugs around you. Oh, and if you're at the beach you'll probably be attacked by a pack of seagulls. 

No, just no! I love pizza in my mouth and in my tummy!