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The Cost Of A Wedding In 2017 At An All Time High

February 3, 2017

Planning a wedding only gets more and more expensive every year. And there's already a figure out that it will cost to throw the average wedding in 2017. Any guesses?

Before I dish on the pricey details, here are a few things to consider. A wedding is one day of your life. And hopefully it's the only one you'll have and you and your spouse will live happily ever after. But see, I am a realist and I have read so many articles on the divorce rate. Plus have you seen the percentage of people who knew they shouldn't walk down the aisle, but they did anyway because they already had paid a large deposit? Weddings are expensive and calling one off can really stick, but divorce is hard and can be very expensive.

Also, with all that money you aren't spending on some elaborate wedding can go for a nice down payment for a house or to travel a lot with your boo thang in your first years of wedded bliss. Ok, I am getting off my soap box now.

So how much is the national average cost of a wedding in the US this year? It's $35,329!!! When people graduate from college they don't usually start out anywhere near that figure salary wise. That's also the same price of a nice car. Just a few more things to consider. 

Last year's cost was just over $32,000 and experts consider this year's jump in price to be pretty big. I think it has a lot to do with keeping up with the Jones' or trying to out do all your friends. Social media puts our lives front and center for the World or anyone we want to see. Just imagine how many likes you'll get in that $10k designer wedding dress? Ridiculous isn't it?

Plus there are some pretty ridiculous wedding trends like hiring a social media concierge who will live tweet, facebook live, and post all of your updates on Instagram. Depending on your wedding location they can cost a pretty penny. The average is about $3k. BTW- as wedding season approaches, I am 100% available to be your social media concierge at your wedding. And I'd only charge half of the average price. I'm a whiz with social media, I promise.