The Cost of Wedding in 2019 Rise Again


January 8, 2019

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Are you getting married in 2019? Or Maybe you are getting ready to help pay for your grown child to walk down the aisle sometime this year? Get ready to open up your wallet wide because the cost of weddings has once again climbed for 2019!

According to a study completed by Brides Magazine, spending was up in 2018 for weddings and wedding related things. Do you think people are spending more on their wedding because with social media it can be seen by so many more people? I feel like I ask this question every year that I write about the cost of a wedding. Back in the day, people would see your wedding photos after the fact, but they weren't all over social media for anyone to see. 

So, what's the average cost of a wedding in 2019? It's hit an all-time high of $44,105. It breaks down to couples spending the most on the reception and food to the tune of about $22,000!! Here are some of the other average costs for a wedding this year.

Rentals: $2,920

Dress: $2,260

Flowers: $2,629

Other decor: $1,183

Reception music: $2,380

Photography: $3,133

Videography: $2,180

Engagement ring(s): $7,829

Wow! The average engagement ring costs almost $8k? While the idea of throwing a huge wedding sounds great, I couldn't do it myself. Just think of what you could do with nearly $45,000! That's a sizeable down payment for your first home or a nice nest egg to start a family.