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Costco Now Offers Wedding Registry

We'll talk a jar of bulk Mayo, please!

August 15, 2017

When you think of places, you'd most likely register for your wedding you probably aren't thinking about Costco. Stores like Target, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and Belk are the usual spots couple's chose to register.

But why not Costco? Stop focusing on the ridiculous bulk food items and canned items they sell and focus on all the great stuff that's perfect for a newly married couple. The retail store partnered with My Registry.com so that a bride or an expectant mother can list all items she wants at one universal gift registry. 

I remember a few years ago writing up a story about Costco selling wedding dresses. You know they sell some pretty nice engagement rings too right? 

And Costco is actually in the news again because they were selling rings that looked almost like those from Tiffany & Co and are being sued

But let's get back to a Costco Wedding registry. You can buy all kinds of electronics, furniture, outdoor items for the yard, and even cars. So why wouldn't you want to register at Costco?