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Could Boxed Wine Be Better Than the Bottled Wine?

August 22, 2017

Boxed wine tends to be frowned upon by many people. I know I always thought that wine in a box was the cheap, gross stuff that I wouldn't want to ever drink. 

But we need to stop hating on the boxed wine because it CAN be better than the stuff in the bottle. I'm such a lazy wine drinker. I have bottles of wine in my fridge that I bought months ago. I get home and I want a glass of wine, but I'm too lazy to actually open it. Plus once it's opened, I don't think it tastes as good after sitting in the fridge. 

So why would boxed wine be a better option? Once it's opened red and white wine in a box is good for 4-6 weeks! That's amazing because bottled wine once opened is only good for about a week, but I still think it tastes off. Since the box keeps the wine from light and the resealable spout and vacuum sealed bag keeps air away, the freshness stays longer. 

The boxed wine market is growing too. More and more brands are starting to offer their wine in a box option. In fact, I found this list of 10 Must Try Boxed Wines

So if you're not feeling drinking an entire bottle once it is opened, boxed wine is the perfect solution for the one glass a night type of people.