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Could Having a Sister Help You Be Happier?

December 14, 2017

Sometimes having siblings when you're growing up could be a significant pain in the butt. But I wouldn't know anything about that because I am an only child. Many of my friends had siblings, and it seemed there was often a love-hate relationship going on. 

But according to a new study, having a sibling and more specifically a sister could help you be an overall happier and more optimistic person. So if your experience with your sister wasn't so great when you were younger, you should thank her because she could be the key to happiness.

Why are sisters connected to happiness and optimism? The study found that growing up, kids with sisters felt less lonely, fearful, and guilty. The psychologists behind the study noted that having at least one girl in the family did wonders for your emotional well-being. 

If you don't have a sister, but have a brother they too are beneficial, but only if the relationship is more loving than combative.