Could this Healthy Habit Help You Have Smarter Children?

This can play a crucial role in their intelligence!

June 25, 2018

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When you begin to think about having children you start to think about their health and their futures. We all want to have healthy babies. And it would also be nice if our offspring were super intelligent. Can you imagine giving birth to the next Einstein? 

If you want to up the chances of your children being more intelligent, you need to hit the gym. 

The new research has found that working out on a regular basis can actually alter the DNA in the father's sperm. Say what? People who exercise tend to be happier overall because exercise releases dopamine in the brain. Also, people who are fit tend to have fewer health issues like diabetes and heart disease. 

The study also noted that children that come from active parents have better learning abilities and communication skills. 

Perhaps there's something to all of these super pregnant moms doing cross fit and deadlifting heavyweights?

Maybe we need to stop calling these moms-to-be crazy?