Is Your Bra to Blame for Those Pesky Headaches?

I bet you'd never think it could cause a headache!

October 25, 2018

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Headaches suck! And there are so many random causes for them like heat, hunger, lack of sleep, illness, and more. But there's a new cause for headaches in women that may surprise you. It's your bra!

I have a love-hate relationship with my bras. I am a chesty girl so I am not one of the lucky ones that can go out without one. They can be super uncomfortable especially if you're wearing the wrong size bra. You have a pretty good chance of wearing the wrong bra size as it's been found that about 78% of women around the World aren't wearing the right size brazier. Wearing a bra that fits properly can be life changing because it will be more comfortable to wear and it will give you the lift and support your girls need. Plus, it can actually make you look ten pounds lighter because you have your boobs up where they should be instead of hanging low. 

Women with big breasts know that it's a struggle to carry those things around day after day! While you may think having a D-cup would be awesome, it's said that each d-cup breast weighs at least one pound. This can start weighing down your chest and causing neck strains, back issues, and even headaches too. 

And if you're wearing the wrong bra size on top of that, it could be the reason for your headaches according to Paula Svoboda, a Triumph bra-fitting specialist. She stresses the importance of getting fitted every six months and purchase new bras every 12 months as “they stretch more than you think and this means you won’t be as supported when the bra was brand new.”

How can you tell you're wearing the wrong size? 

5 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Bra Size:

1. Your straps dig into your shoulders and leave imprints. 

2. The middle of your bra doesn't lay flat on your chest. 

3. Your cup runneth over. Breast spillage means you're likely in the wrong cup size.

4. You cannot fit two fingers under your band. 

5. You've recently lost or gained weight. 

All of the above and the backaches and headaches are definitely nudging me to go get refitted because it's been a hot minute.