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Could Your Kid's Toys Be Recording You?

March 2, 2017

Technology is amazing and can do so many great things. But on the flip side, technology can be invasive and creepy. 

Last week a news story went viral after it was discovered that a children's toy, the My Friend Cayla doll, was listening and recording the things being said around it. Eek. 

This story has raised a lot of questions and concerns from parents about other high-tech toys and if they too are spying and listening in on what's going on around them. 

The newest toy that's under fire by parent watch groups are CloudPets. Apparently, there's some sort of security issue that all the footage can be viewed by any old person. Yeah, that's not cool at all!

One parent's tweet about the Cloudpets sending creepy messages to his children has gone viral. 

So if your kids have one of these toys, you may want to put it away in a dark corner for awhile. You can read more about the information these toys are sharing here