Could Your Pet Be A Relationship Deal Breaker?

January 18, 2019

© Diego Vito Cervo |

I couldn't imagine life without my two cats. My house wouldn't be a home without a pet. Although I love my cats some people I meet do not think they're so great. In fact, some people think they are annoying and want nothing to do with them. 

If you have pets and you're single, your pet could be the one thing that's a deal breaker for some people. What happened to "must love dogs" or "love me love my cats"? 

Woodstream Brands did a little research and they found that 41% of women would consider a badly behaved pet as a dealbreaker when dating someone. 32% of men would consider it a reason to end a relationship too. I get this because there's nothing worse than a poorly trained dog that jumps all over people or craps all over the house. I think the pet's behavior reflects directly back to its owner. And I am right because 31% of people do see the way the pet acts as a reflection of their owner. 

And they also figured out the magic number of pets that would be a deal breaker too. Three dogs seem to be one dog too many. And three cats also was considered overboard and grounds for ending things. 

You can look over some of the other findings of the study including what % of men and women are okay with their pets watching sexy time here!