Could Your Phone Notifications Be Bad For Your Health?

Notifications can be annoying!

June 12, 2018

© Joana Lopes | Dreamstime

Did you know it's your best friend from high schools Birthday today? There's a notification for that! Did someone just like the food photo you posted to Instagram? There's a notification for that too! Honestly, most APPs have some notifications. But all of this dings and vibrations can start to get annoying. 

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University did a study where they asked participants to turn off their notifications for one full week. In the end, though, they could only find members that would agree to turn them off for 24-hours. What did they find out during the Do Not Disturb Challenge?

People were less distracted and even more productive. But is that surprising? On the flip side though, the lack of notifications caused some people anxiety. I guess they were experiencing FOMO, fear of missing out? 

Do you need to get notifications for every little thing? No, it's a bit excessive. Go through your phone and pick and choose what notifications are most important like text messages, emails, and missed calls. Getting rid of some of the other notifications will help your phone seem less cluttered and in turn, help you be more on task and happier.