Could Your Purse Be Hurting You?

December 27, 2017

© Antoniodiaz | Dreamstime

I am that girl! I always carry a pretty large purse because I like to have enough room to throw my water bottle, lunch, headphones, makeup bag, and the kitchen sink inside. Obviously, I am kidding about the last one, but yes my bags are big and they are heavy.

If you are just like me and carry and large, heavy purse we may be doing some serious damage to our backs. I know if I go to the mall and spend a few hours shopping my back and shoulder will start to hurt from hauling my heavy, ass bag. 

Here are a few things that can happen if your purse is too heavy:

1. It can affect your posture and the way that you walk. 

2. You get redness or an indentation on your shoulder or arm from the strap. Ouch!

3. Your bag has everything but the kitchen sink in it and it's clearly way too heavy!

4. You start to notice your straps wearing out or the stitching coming undone quickly. If you push your purse over its intended capacity you won't get the normal life out of it. 

Here are some other ways your purse is hurting your back