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Could Your Roomba Be Spying On You?

Technology is great except when it may be watching you!

July 26, 2017

Technology makes life so much easier. But with all the technology comes other issues like could this technology come back to bite us in the butt?

There have been quite a few reports that have come out recently saying that some of these toys with technology or other devices could be spying on us and recording everything we say. I don't so any shady things in my home, for the most part, but I also don't want to be watched or recorded without my knowledge. 

It was just last week that the FBI issued a warning to parents about toys that could be spying on you and the kids. 

And now a new warning if you have one of those fancy iRobot Roomba vacuums. According to a few sources, iRobot is considering selling customer data. What does this mean for you if you have a Roomba? The data would "include maps of rooms trafficked in the course of cleaning, such as "the dimensions of a room as well as distances between sofas, tables, lamps and other home furnishings," Reuter's notes. That's a bit invasive, eh?

Although no plans or deals have been made yet, they could be coming in the next few years. While you mull over that new info, you can watch a cat riding a Roomba!