Couples Fight Over This The Most

February 26, 2019

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There is a ton of research on couples and arguments. We've learned in the past that couples are most likely to argue right before going to bed or when they are hungry. Most couples tend to fight the most in the six weeks leading up to the New Year. 

And today we're learning what the number one bone of contention is between a couple. You probably think it has to do with money. And I'd say that's a great guess considering more couples fight over finances. But this is something so much simpler and yet I think can be a real deal breaker if you're opinions differ too much. 

So what is it? 

E.ON conducted the study and found that most couples fight over how high or low to keep the temperature in the home. I know for me, I like to keep my place at 68-degrees year round. It's a little chilly in the winter which makes for perfect cuddle opportunities and cool enough to require a throw blanket in the heat of Summer. 

If I met the MOST amazing man ever who ticked all of the boxes of the perfect mate, but he wanted to keep the temperature at say 75 in his place... well that would be a deal breaker. These arguments over the house temperature are happening when couples are cohabitating. How did this preference not come up in a discussion much sooner? 

I feel so strongly about temperature and my personal comfort that I feel dating sites and APPs should use this as a question for people's profiles.