Couples Now Seeking In-Law Therapy

If you have a monster-in-law this is for you!

September 25, 2018

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Marriage and relationships take a lot of work if you want them to last. You need to learn to compromise and understand another person's quirks and appreciate them. But there's also another part of relationships people often forget, the in-laws! 

When you marry someone, you are marrying their family. If you cannot stand someone in the family especially your partner's parents, you are going to have a real struggle. That's why couples are now going to therapy to learn how to deal with the in-laws. 

I was in a long-term relationship with a guy who had a very close relationship with his family. I think it's a good sign when someone has a strong bond with their family, but this guy's family took things to a whole new level. He couldn't make fundamental, easy decisions without consulting his parents and he was thirty! And he was super tight with his younger brother to the point where he'd come to our apartment for sleepovers multiple times a month! It was just weird. 

According to a new study, more unmarried couples are going to therapy to work out potential in-law issues before getting married. Peter Pearson, a relationship expert, said that one of the most significant problems is that couples are "delusionally optimistic": They believe that after they get married, things will get better, and so they brush the issues under the proverbial rug. This is just like the whole idea that people have babies in an attempt to fix their marriage. It doesn't work. 

The most common issues are jealousy when the one partner feels like the other partner spends too much time with their family. The other problem is when the parents do not like the partner. Eek! It's hard to change someone's opinion once they have decided they don't like you. 

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