Creepy Musical Instrument Made out of 44 Furbies

Why would someone make this?

February 12, 2018

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I don't have children of my own. I'm not even an aunt. But I think we can all agree that children's toys have gotten creepier over the years. 

Remember that craze during Christmas of 2016 involving that weird Hatchimals? Those things just freaked me out and I didn't get why so many kids wanted one. Another toy that has freaked me out for years is the Furby

They remind me of Gremlins which were oddly cute until they were fed after midnight and turned into demon-like beings. But let's get back to Furbies and their creepiness. They came out in 1998 when I was 19 and I even wanted one because they seemed so fascinating. They were the toy to have in 1998 and were selling like hot cakes during that Holiday season. 

But soon my cute Furby began to creep me out because it would just do things randomly like speak or move its eyes. If you're creeped out by Furbies, I am going to blow your mind with one man's musical creation that has gone viral. 

What happens when you take 44 Furbies and make a musical instrument? The viral video below!

That organ is making my skin crawl. The guy behind the Youtube channel that built the Furby Organ has built some really cool stuff, but this organ just isn't my thing. 

What children's toy past or present still creeps you out?