Dakota Johnson Talks Pregnancy Rumors on Ellen

Is she expecting Chris Martin's baby?

October 11, 2018


Rumors starting over the weekend that Dakota Johnson and Coldplay's Chris Martin were expecting a baby after a video of a part at Martin's home went viral. The video showed two balloon arches, one in blue and the other in pink, sparking talk that they were having a gender reveal party. 

Dakota's people shot down the rumors almost instantly and now Dakota herself is talking about her alleged pregnancy with Ellen. 

Leave it to Ellen to always ask what we all want to, but cannot. She does it in such a way that the celebrity she's interviewing tends to open up and gets honest. Based on Dakota's outfit and knowing what I know now that I am pregnant myself, I 100% believe her! If she were, in fact, pregnant and to the point where they could reveal the baby' gender, there's no way she'd be wearing such a tight outfit.