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Dannon Drops Cam Newton After Sexist Comments

October 5, 2017

Oh, Cam! You really should watch what you say.

ICYMI, Pathers' Quarterback Cam Newton is getting a lot of negative press after a comment he made to a female Charlotte Observer reporter yesterday. 

The reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, asked Cam about routes during yesterday's press conference. He seemed taken back by her question and laughed. Rodrigue even tried to speak with Cam after and he still didn't apologize. 

I don't know what routes are in reference to football, but I'm also not a sports reporter. It's part of her job to understand all the inside terms and workings of sports.

Now the fallout begins as Cam has lost his first endorsement deal. Cam helped launch Dannon's Oikos brand years ago, but the company no longer wants to work with him after his remarks. 

So when will Cam apologize to Rodrigue?