Dating Rules That Still Apply Once You Get Married

Never stop dating, ever!

May 8, 2018

© Andor Bujdoso | Dreamstime

There are a million in one rules when it comes to dating. Sadly, so many people fail to follow the rules, and many of us are left with a bad dating experience. But did you know that some of the rules of dating even apply once you tie the knot?

While people are dating, they are getting to know one another. They are planning special dates, sending cute text messages, and doing other things to make the other person feel special.

But just because you've taken the next step and gotten married doesn't mean some of these rules should go out the window.

Here are just a few rules you need to follow to keep your marriage a happy and healthy one!

1. Have a weekly date night: Whether it's Friday or Sunday brunch, make sure you have time to enjoy one another's company and reconnect away from the kids and other household stressors.

2. Put down the phone: You wouldn't be on your phone during a date with someone new so that same rule should apply even after you're married. Give your spouse your undivided attention.

3. Be on time! One of my biggest pet peeves, when I was in the dating world, was when people were late. I hate tardiness. It just shows that you didn't care all that much if you can't arrive on time. Unforeseen circumstances like awful traffic and some emergency obviously are excusable.

4. Call him or her! Remember when you'd get the call in the morning or at night from that special someone who just wanted to say goodnight again or tell you they were thinking of you. That should NOT end once you're married. And if you're at work...the same can be accomplished with a cute text message.

5. Pay Compliments! If he looks handsome or sexy, tell them. If you appreciate all the work she put into making you your favorite meal, tell her! Compliments can go a long way!

A few months ago, one of my guy friends told me dating stops when you get married. So that means he and his wife don't ever go out for special dinners just to reconnect? Nope! He thinks it's a waste of money and not needed if you're already married. How sad is that? 

I want to marry someone who wants to pursue me the way they did before we fell in love. Someone who asks me about my day and surprises me on a random Monday with a night out for a romantic dinner. I don't think this is too much to ask for, honestly. It's what we all deserve.