Demi Lovato Talks Sobriety & Enters Rehab

She's on the mend, but still has a long way to go!

August 6, 2018

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Demi Lovato is getting better after her drug overdose on July 24th. She's been hospitalized since the incident because of complications like high fever and extreme nausea. Last week, mutiple sources said the singer would be going to in-patient rehab once she was released from the hospital. 

Demi had remained silent since she was rushed to the hospital last month after an apparent heroin overdose, but finally addressed fans on Instagram yesterday. 

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She released a new single called "Sober" in June which addressed her relapse. 

It's been reported that Demi had relapsed a few months ago and family and friends were becomign very concerned for her. They allegedly staged an intervention to try and get her to go to rehab, but she declined.

UPDATE: Demi was released from the hospital and is now is rehab. “Demi left the hospital over the weekend. She will get continued care at an in-patient rehab facility,” a source tells PEOPLE. “At the hospital, she was surrounded by family and friends that support her sobriety. They all want Demi to be the best she can. Demi is surrounded by a lot of love. She has people in her life that really care. She has a long journey ahead, but with all the love, her journey could absolutely be a positive one.”