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Designer Dress Literally Looks Like Dry Cleaning Bag

Can we stop with these ridiculous fashion items?

November 8, 2017

I didn't think that fashion and beauty trends could get worse this year, but I was wrong. And seeing as though we still have just under two months left in 2017, I am almost afraid to see what else could come out. 

Some of the worst things we've seen this year were the $400 jeans with faux mud on them to make a man look like he does rugged work for a living. 

Also thong jeans, ripped/torn designer sneakers, and every odd shape of eyebrow one can imagine became a thing in 2017. I say it everytime and I am going to say it again. Who the hell comes up with these trends? 

And now I bring you the latest designer dress if that's really what you can call it. 

Sorry, Moschino you can keep your "cape sheer overlay dress" and I will hang onto my $735.