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Did The Bachelor Finale Just Get Spoiled?

March 9, 2017

This season of ABC's The Bachelor is set to end on Monday. And of course, on the finale, Nick Viall will end up choosing either Vanessa or Raven and most likely propose.

Side note: I cannot stand this show or The Bachelorette. I swear to God it's just added to the reason that dating in 2017 is such a crap show. You can't date that many people and in six weeks know you want to spend the rest of your life with one of those people. You just cannot!

But let's get back to the reason I am writing this story. It seems there may be a huge spoiler for the upcoming season finale that most certainly indicates who Nick chose and his intentions. If you don't want to know who may have won and what transpired, stop reading now.

Spoiler alert ahead....


Many people seem to believe that Vanessa Grimaldi will win Nick's hand on the season finale because of what she was spotted out doing...

--A good way to end the week at the office! #thebachelor

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Hmmmm, why would she be shopping for a wedding dress if Nick didn't propose? Or maybe it's some sort of distraction to throw fans off? 

Also the store where she was shopping does sell normal clothes and not just wedding dresses. So I am thinking it could be just a huge tease. Who do you think Nick will pick on Monday, Vanessa or Raven?