Did Ed Sheeran Already Get Married?

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August 29, 2018

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Ed Sheeran and girlfriend Cherry Seaborn got engaged around the Holidays last year, but somehow were able to keep their news out of the media for a few months. It came out around the end of January that Ed and Cherry were planning to get married. 

Now it seems Ed may have pulled another fast one on all of us. Did the couple already get married? In a recent interview, Ed was asked about the wedding planning and that's when he eluded to already being married.

Ed is a really private guy so it wouldn't be surprising if he did get married without it getting out. I once got married on the down low and well it was a huge mistake. I was getting married secretly to avoid judgement from others. Ed just wants some privacy and clearly didn't want paparazzi choppers flying over his big day. 

Cherry was the inspiration for Ed's song "Perfect."