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Did a Mother Really Pierce Her Infant's Face?

July 7, 2017

Mom and parent shaming happen all the time on social media. For some reason, people think that they can tell other parents how they should raise their children and what's right and wrong. 

One mother shared a photo of her 6-month-old baby girl with a dimple piercing and as you can imagine, people lost it. I have seen people get attacked for having infant's ears pierced so you can only imagine the hate this woman received.

But the photo is actually photoshopped. The mother, Enedina Vance, was being sarcastic with her post and apprently no one got the joke. She's actually a strong advocate against piercing or circumcising children. She quickly began receiving death threats and hate mail for piercing a baby's face. The photo has gone viral and is all over the news. 

And now it has parents and people talking about if piercing a child is right or wrong. Should states be able to make a law banning the piercing of babies and younger children?