The Dirtiest Places in Your Office

You'll never look at the office the same way again!

May 18, 2018

© Kati1313 | Dreamstime

You may be the cleanest person ever. You are the person who is constantly wiping down surfaces to make sure they are germ-free so you don't get sick, or you don't give something to someone else. Unfortunately, not everyone is as considerate as you. 

If you've been out in public lately, you have seen plenty of people that cough and sneeze without covering their mouths spreading whatever funk they have going on through the air. 

Your office is a treasure trove of nastiness, and after reading the findings of a new study, you may not ever see it the same way again. What do you think is the most disgusting place in your workplace? Here's a clue, think of the things that the most hands would end up touching. 

So in case you needed an excuse to do some Spring cleaning, I think this study just did the trick.