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Is A Dislike Option Coming To Facebook?

March 7, 2017

Remember when there was only one option when someone posted a picture, status update, or shared a link on facebook? The darn like option was such a pain because some of the things people post aren't things you'd really want to like. "Getting a divorce!" I mean can you really click like after someone posts that update?

Thankfully, Facebook rolled out their reactions last year that gave users more options to respond to the content and information people shared. But there still seemed to be something missing. 

Where's the dislike option? I mean wow, sad, or laughing can be great options, but sometimes you just don't like something and want everyone to know.

Finally we may finally see the dislike option coming to facebook. But there's a catch. We still won't be able to dislike a status someone posts. The developers at Facebook are looking to add reactions to messenger. And the reactions would include a tumbs down or dislike option.

Why is it ok to put dislike within messenger, but not an option when reacting to someone status? I just don't get it.