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Disney Princess Inspired Lingerie Is Here

April 6, 2017

We all have that one friend or maybe a few friends that are Disney Superfans! They love all the Disney movies, characters, and taking trips to Disney theme parks

Well, there's a new product that just hit the market for the ultimate Disney Fan. Last month Disney Princess bikinis hit the market. 

I think the Princess bikinis are super adorable. But the newest items that have hit the market are a lot more sexy than a bikini. A company by the name of Yandy has created Disney Princess inspired lingerie. On a side note, can I tell you how creepy I feel looking at all of these lingerie models rocking these new get ups? But in my defense, it's all for research for work. 

Does anyone else find this a bit creepy because I do. Did you know a good number of the Disney Princesses were underage? For example, Snow White was only 14 and Jasmine was 15. And yes, Yandy offers linergie inspired by both of those characters.

So ladies, if you're a huge Disney freak or your man is you can now take your love for Disney to a whole new level!