Divorce Registries, A New Trend

Do you think this is tacky?

July 10, 2019

Breaking up is hard to do especially when you've shared a home and belongings with someone. Divorce is even harder because there's a legal aspect to it and things can get complicated. In either situation, there's going to be a division of belongings and someone will be moving out to a new place. 

When people get married they have a wedding or bridal registry so they can get all the things they need or in some cases, china they will never use. Also, when people have babies they have a registry to help them get everything for their new bundle of joy. But why don't we have divorce registries? 

That's one of the biggest life changes a person could go through and it can be costly to replace things you lost in the divorce or breakup. Plus, if you're the one moving that's going to set you back too money wise. 

I found an article this morning in The Washington Post about this very topic. We give gifts for happy moments like engagements, marriages, babies, and graduations. But when it comes to the really hard times like a divorce or split when a person is trying to get back on their feet we do not give them the things they need to start over. Why?

The author of the article details her separation and the process she's going through in starting a new life as a single person. Check it out below. It's a good read and she really drives home the importance of supporting those around us in the good and bad things that happen in life.