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Divorce Selfies, A New Trend?

June 2, 2017

I remember back when I was growing up divorce had such a negative stigma around it. When two people couldn't make their marriage work and decided to get a divorce it was often times a big secret. But in 2017, things have changed. People file for divorce and get divorced every single day like it's no big deal. 

And most people aren't keeping their decision to get divorced secret anymore. Divorce cakes, divorce parties, and divorcemoons are all ways people celebrate their official split and newly single life. 

The new divorce trend is snapping a selfie with your ex after your divorce is finalized at the court house. 

this is what it looks like when your an adult ---- #guesswhosdivorced #divorceselfie #zoeovereverything #happymonday

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And this couple gets a long better than ever now that they are no longer together!

Divorce is final. Think we get along better now then when we where married. #itsofficial #divorceselfie #stillfriends #timeforcoffee

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I think that more people are getting divorced because they realize they just grew apart or maybe weren't compatible to be together forever. Maybe that's why we are seeing a growing trend in divorce selfies. Would you snap one with you ex?