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Divorced Couple's Family Photo Goes Viral

March 31, 2017

Divorce is hard even if you were in the most miserable marriage ever. 

But when you throw kids into the mix, the situation can be even harder for you and your ex. Sometimes when we split up, it's under some not so great circumstances like someone had an affair. Feelings are hurt, and we feel betrayed. It's sometimes hard to get along with the other person and forgive them enough to be able to be good co-parents. 

One couple is getting a lot of attention on social media because they've truly gone above and beyond to make things as easy for their young son as possible. 

Victoria Baldwin and Adam Dyson shared a photo collage of four different family photos, two when they were married and two after the divorce was final. Check them out below.

The photo has well over 13k lives and has been shared over a thousand times. Bravo to them for doing what they can to make it less stressful on their son.