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Does This Pool Float Look like a Maxi Pad?

Is this some kind of joke?

July 5, 2017

Remember when the Kim Kardashian booty pool float came out a few months ago? Yeah, that thing was pretty ridiculous. But I may have found a pool float that's even more ridiculous looking and it's gone viral.

The original photo of the questionable pool float was posted to Reddit and was taken at what appears to be a warehouse store like Costco. That post ended up getting a lot of comments, but it wasn't until the photo was shared on Twitter that it really took off.

Seriously, what moron designed that thing? The response on Twitter just proves that there are so many other poorly designed products on the market and maybe this Maxi Pad Pool Float isn't that bad after all. 

Um, really? How does this happen?

And what is this some sort of women's reproductive system lesson? 

Do all of these companies not have a bunch of people that look over their product's design before it goes into production? #Fail