Dog Friendly Weddings, a New Trend?

So much cuteness!

June 15, 2018

© Smolyar | Dreamstime

If you're getting married and you're passionate about your pup, you may want to include them in your wedding ceremony. 

Of course, not all dogs would make good wedding guests or party members, but some pups are perfect. 

A UK couple dressed their dog up and made him the ring bearer. The adorable photos have since gone viral!

The couple were married a little more than a month ago and now everyone is getting to see their wedding photos beause of their dog, Alfie!

He's so adorable. 

If you are looking to make your dog, cat, or other pet part of your special day, check out this incredible list of ideas from Buzzfeed! According to wedding trends, dog-friendly weddings are going to be huge this year and into the foreseeable future!