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Dogs More Likely to Listen If You Talk Like This?

It's all in the tone of your voice!

October 22, 2018

Does there seem to be a communication issue between you and your dog? Perhaps you aren't using the right tone when speaking to them. 

Did you know there are right and wrong ways to communicate with your dog? I didn't either. 

But according to science, dogs respond better and pay more attention when you use baby talk with them. 

Why do dogs respond better to baby talk? Becuase it helps them connect emotionally to their humans. Researchers found dogs are more responsive to baby talk, but certain keywords such as “walk” triggered emotional responses no matter the tone.

Also, dogs will spend more time with humans that use baby talk with them. So if your dog seems to be playing favorites in your house, it could be because someone else is using baby talk and you're not. 

I have cats and I believe when I leave for work they are full on communicating with one another like the video below.