Dogs vs. Cats: Science Proves Which is Smarter

Finally, we can put an end to this pet debate!

June 20, 2018

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If you're a dog person, you believe dogs are smarter than cats and if you're a cat person you probably think cats are more intelligent. It's a debate that has been going on between pet owners forever and finally, we have a definitive answer on which is smarter. 

A study on dog communication has found that dogs have advanced ways of communicating with their humans. Besides their bark and other ways they vocalize, they also use their body language to communicate to humans. In fact, scientists have identified 47 different gestures and know them meaning behind 19 of them. 

The majority of the messages a dog is trying to send to their human is to rub, pet, or scratch them. They ask for rubbing by using some of these gestures.

-Rolling over in front of you

-Pressing its nose against you or another object

-Licking you or an object

You probably thought all of these were ways your dog was asking you for food, but that is not the case. When a dog wants to be fed, they will use gestures like these instead.

-Holding one paw in the air while sitting

-Turning its head from side-to-side, looking between a human and another object

-Standing on its hind legs

Now to settle the big debate on which is smarter, cats or dogs? Science believes based on raw brainpower that dogs are indeed smarter because they have more neurons than cats. Dogs have about 350 million while cats only have 250 million.

See I would have thought cats are more intelligent because they are so independent. Leave food out for them and they will eat. Keep their litter box clean and they will use it for potty time. 

Sorry fellow cat ladies, dogs win when it comes to intelligence for now!