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Don't Be Fooled by Shady Solar Eclipse Glasses

The big show is coming up on the 21st!

August 10, 2017

Everyone and their mother's brother's sister's aunt's best friend will have their eyes on the sky on August 21st. 

That's the day the entire country will get to see an eclipse of the sun. A total solar eclipse happens when the moon covers the sun and the sun's corona is only visible. It's going to be a must-see!

If you plan to take in this rare sight, you need to be sure to protect your eyes. Looking directly at the Sun can cause eye damage any time of year. During the eclipse, the sun's rays will be blocked in totality and this is the window when it will be safe to look directly at the sun without causing any damage. But don't take the risk. Instead, you can get some eclipse glasses. 

I wonder if Bonnie Tyler's royalties will rise on the 21st? 

NASA actually has a list of trusted vendors that sell eclipse glasses that will offer the proper eye protection for viewing. You can see the list here. Because the eclipse is such a huge event, there are people looking to take advantage of you by selling counterfeit eye protection. 

How can you tell if the glasses are legit or not? “The lenses of fakes allow the penetration of light from such relatively faint sources as fluorescent lamps, while the only thing one should see through authentic solar-safe filters when looking at objects fainter than the sun is pitch blackness,” reports Reuters. Also, proper glasses will be marked with an icon, "ISO 12312-2."

You can see the path of the projected eclipse and get all the information you could possibly want here.