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Don't Fall Victim to these Fake Irma Stories!

Let's stop #fakeNews

September 5, 2017

Facebook has made it a lot harder for people to post and spread fake news. You no longer can change the feature image of an article and you cannot change the headline either. But still, some people continue to post fake news and help it spread and go viral.

Hurricane Irma is the strongest Hurricane to form in the Atlantic since Wilma in 2005. All eyes are on it to see if and when it could impact the United States. As with any big news story, there's always wrong information getting spread and with Irma these fake stories have people freaking out. 

How can you tell what is a legit story vs. fake news? 

Brad Panovich from NBC Charlotte clears up this headline and why it's 100% fake. Hurricanes only go up to a category 5. Also, Irma isn't predicted to wipe out entire cities! 

There are images and stories floating around that say Irma will impact Houston, TX which was already ravaged by Harvey last month. 

Again, this is complete BS! Before you hit share, look at the source the story is coming from. Is it a legit news source or some fake news site. Look carefully because sometimes they can trick you with just one letter. 

Here are a few more tips on spotting fake #Irma news!