Did Drake Confirm He's a Daddy on New Album?

Someone call Maury!

June 29, 2018

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Last month Drake was called out by Pusha-T on a diss track that claimed that he fathered a baby with a porn star. The rumors began last May when TMZ published a story about a French porn star that claimed to have a text conversation with Drake talking about her being pregnant. The singer tried to push the woman to have an abortion, but that didn't happen. Instead, a baby boy, Adonis, was born last October. 

In Pusha T's song 'The Story of Adidon' he basically refers to Drake as a deadbeat dad! 

"Since you name-dropped my fiancée/ Let 'em know who you chose as your Beyoncé/ Sophie knows better, ask your baby mother/ Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her/ A baby's involved, it's deeper than rap/ We talkin' character, let me keep with the facts"

The song is referring to Sophie Brussaux and baby Adonis. Drake finally is responding to Pusha and Sophie's claims on a track on his brand new double album Scorpion. The new album is getting a lot of attention because of these lyrics plus there are some pretty amazing collaborations on it as well. 

The song 'Emotionless' is where he addresses his status as a father. 

“Look at the way we live / I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid,” Drake raps on “Emotionless.” “From empty souls who just wake up and look to debate / until you staring at your seed, you can never relate.”

Once again he speaks about finding out he's Adonis' father is the track "March 14th." 

Yesterday morning was crazy / I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe / That shit is in stone, sealed and signed / She’s not my lover like Billie Jean, but the kid is mine / Sandi used to tell me all it takes is one time / Shit, we only met two times. Two times / And both times were nothing like the new times / Now it’s rough times/ I’m out here on front lines just tryna make sure that I see him sometimes.” Continues Drake, “It’s breaking my spirit / A single father, I hate when I hear it.”

Now that he's confirmed it, I am sure he's no longer a deadbeat dad and is stepping up to support his son and baby mamma. I am sure he will have plenty of money to share with them from this new album which features unreleased music from Michael Jackson and a guest appearance from Jay-Z too. 

Congrats.... we think!