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Drink Limits Set for 'Bachelor In Paradise' After Scandal

June 27, 2017

Things are about to change on ABC's Bachelor In Paradise. Earlier this month there was a sexual misconduct scandal that shut down production of the reality TV show for a bit while they investigated the claims. 

It all started when Corrine Olympios and DeMario Jackson were fooling around in the pool and hot tub. It was reported by crew members that Corrine was so drunk she could barely stand and had no recollection of what happened. After an investigation, it was found that there was no sexual misconduct and filming resumed. 

DeMario actually did his first interview telling his side of the story and it aired yesterday!

Drinking is a huge part of any of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. Every season there are multiple crazy drunk encounters. Now BIP producers are going to be limiting contestants alcohol intake. According to TMZ, contestants will only be permitted to drink two drinks per hour. Producers, crew, and bartenders will keep a close tab on consumption to prevent any more scandalous drunken incidents. 

I wonder if the drinking limitations will apply to future seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette?