Drinking Sugary Beverages Up Your Cancer Risk

It's time to change up what you're drinking!

July 11, 2019

We know there are risks to our overall health by consuming too much sugar. There have been countless studies done over the years and we've all been warned. Some of us have cut back on how much sugar we eat and drink. Others have cut it out completely.

If you're looking for a reason to reassess your sugar intake, this new study should motivate you. We've been told that drinking regular soda is very bad for our health. Aside from the sugar, the other chemicals within it can also impact our health. But what's so bad about having a can of soda every day? According to the new research, drinking a third of a can of soda or a small glass of juice every day can up your chances of getting cancer.

Drinking these beverages have an 18% increase in overall cancer risk and a 22% increase in risk for breast cancer. 

Many people are proud of the fact that they have cut soda out completely, but who knew fruit juice could be just as bad? "Surprisingly perhaps, the increased risk of cancer in heavier consumers of sugary drinks was observed even among consumers of pure fruit juice -- this warrants more research," Johnson told the Science Media Centre in the UK.

Drinking sugary drinks also ups your chances of obesity and that itself increases your cancer risks too. Even diet sodas and drinks can be bad for you too.

So what do experts recommend with sugary drinks? Mathilde Touvier, the lead author of the study, recommends a maximum of one glass per day of sugary drinks.

How do you plan to cut back our cut out these types of drinks?