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E! Pulls Plug on "Fashion Police" After Over 2 Decades

The farewell will include a tribute to Joan Rivers.

October 19, 2017

Did you know Fashion Police has been on E! since 1995? I knew it had a long run, but I didn't know it was on for over twenty years. 

Honestly, I cannot believe the show lasted this long. I don't think it was ever funny or entertaining to watch other celebrities or fashion experts rip apart and essentially bully other celebs for their fashion choices. 

But in 2017, there are so many anti-bullying campaigns, and I think E! is doing the right thing by ending it this November. Kids and people watch these celebrities that they almost look up to like role models and they see them making fun of others and somehow think it's okay too. 

Remember this incident with Giuliana Rancic's Zendaya comment in 2014? 

Eek! The late Joan Rivers was one of the original creators and stars of the show. So E! will be honoring her on the last episode.

Rivers passed away after complications from throat surgery in 2014. The last episode of Fashion Police will air on November 27th.