Ed Sheehan's Video for 'Perfect' Is Beyond Perfect

You will smile through this whole video!

November 9, 2017

I ugly cried this morning all because of Ed Sheeran and how amazing he is. I had a chance to sit and chat with him before his show back in September, and he was just so laid back. You could see the passion for his music in his eyes and feel it in his words. 

My all-time favorite song from Ed is "Perfect." The lyrics just tug at my heartstrings. I remember the first time hearing it months ago. It brought tears to my eyes because I could never imagine a love like that or someone writing a song like that about me. In my 38-years on this Earth, I have picked some real winners in the dating department. The things I had experienced and the heartache I felt over the years should have made me want to run away from love and adopt a bunch of cats. 

But that's the thing about me. I am one of those people that has an undying hope that there's something better out there and that one day I too may find it even if I were in a nursing home in my nineties.

Have you ever had someone play the guitar just for you? I've experienced this twice. The first guy was merely playing the songs he knew the best to show off how cool he was or so he thought. But that had no meaning behind it. His actions were more boastful instead of to make me feel a certain way. 

I met a guy with a guitar that gave me the look that Ed's girlfriend has in her eyes as he plays the song for her towards the end of the video. I'm not writing this to brag about what I found or maybe I am because this is what I deserve. I always knew it. 

Just watch the beauty of the video below and see if you can do it without getting a little misty-eyed. 

I get all the feels watching it over and over again! Thank you, N.D. for giving me an Ed Sheeran "Perfect" experience. 

And I am crossing my fingers that Ed comes out with new music and tours in 2018 because I missed out on seeing this song performed live in September. I want my do-over with Ed! #RelationshipBucketList #Check