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Espresso + Tonic = Hot New Drink

March 28, 2017

Food and drink mashups continue to be all the rage. The latest drink concoction, though, just seems like a giant waste of good caffeine to me. 

Do you ever drink tonic water? I do with vodka! I know some people legit like to drink just plain tonic water and to each their own. But someone came up with an idea to mix tonic water with espresso and now it's become this huge drink trend.

Espresso tonic -- #espressotonic

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Photos of this odd drink combo are taking over social media feeds. 

I think the biggest issue I have with it is that you are diluting perfectly good espresso with tonic. And the whole separated look of the drink is a bit off-putting to me. 

What do you think of the new #EspressoTonic #trend? #food #drink #foodie #londonfoodie http://ow.ly/8tVG30ahI98 #repost @stachecoffeebar

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Would you try this new drink?