Too Much Exercise Can Lead To Bad Decisions

According to a new study...

October 8, 2019
Exhausted woman lying on floor breathing and resting after heavy cardio training in home gym

There are just certain times that we should probably refrain from making any major decisions. Studies have found that when we are hungry we tend to choose poorly. Also, many medication or treatment plans after medical procedures warn against making decisions too. 

And now the newest research has found that too much exercise may also inhibit our decisions. The University College in London studied male triathletes to see how more exercise would play a part in the brain. Half of the athletes upped their exercise by 40% while the other half kept their workout routine the same.

So what did they find? The subjects that exercised more tended to make decisions based on immediate gratification. MRIs also showed that there was a noticeable difference in the part of the brain that handles cognitive control for those doing more exercise. 

What does that mean in more simpler terms? Too much exercise causes fatigue in the body and burn out in the brain.