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Is Facebook Making You Miserable?

April 12, 2017

So many people spend all of their free time on social media chatting with friends, clicking on links, and seeing what others are doing. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made so many of us very voyeuristic. 

Social media vacations can be exactly what your soul needs. There's nothing like taking a little break from looking at the lives of others to live your life without your phone in your face. The biggest issue with social media is it takes us away from being present in our lives. It also allows us to compare ourselves to others. 

If you haven't taken a Facebook hiatus lately, you may want to schedule some down time soon. All the liking, scrolling, and clicking of links that other people share are just adding to our misery. If you want to improve your mood and well-being, you need more face to face interactions. Maybe that's why I am not a huge fan of sending text messages. I would much rather have an old school phone conversation so I can hear someone's voice. And a face-to-face conversation is even better! 

According to a new study, all the time spent on facebook is making us miserable. In fact, experts saw a 5-8% decrease in overall happiness of those who use the social media site frequently. 

I know for me personally when I was miserable in my relationship, I would spend a lot more time on social media. I wanted an escape and Instagram and Facebook were it.  But keep in mind, what you see or read isn't always 100% fact. Every person who uses social media puts out into the facebook on Insta world exactly what they want us to see. They probably aren't sharing the lows of their lives. All those 4-star vacations, fancy meals, and incredible shopping trips are only a very tiny snippet of a person's real life.

That video hits the nail on the head!