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Facebook Post About Postponing the Solar Eclipse Goes Viral


August 14, 2017

We are one week away from the Solar Eclipse, and I am seeing more and more viewing parties popping up on Facebook. 

Here in Charlotte, we will be able to view the eclipse from 1:13 pm to 4:16 pm so right in the middle of the work day. Not very convenient eh?

One woman was concerned about the children being able to view it because kids would be back in school next week and asked that the solar eclipse be postponed on the eclipse's Facebook event page. You can see the woman's response to the event invite below. 

As you can imagine, her resposnse triggered many hilarious posts. 

If you go to the Facebook event page you can see some of the funny responses. Clearly, this lady didn't take any science class in school because she clearly doesn't get how a Solar Eclipse works.