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Facebook Snooze Let's You Silence Annoying Friends

This is the best update EVER!

December 15, 2017

There are some people you probably would love to just unfriend on Facebook, but you cannot because it's your mother, spouse, or a co-worker and you don't want to cause drama. Maybe they're one of those people that share fake news or are constantly posting the same videos and crap over and over again. It gets annoying and you just want it to go away.

Apparently, the people that work in Facebook development have heard our cries and they've come up with an amazing solution. If you can't unfriend someone, but you want to silence them you can now with the snooze feature! 

I was so excited about this I had to make a video and share the news!

So if you have that super political person on your friend's list now you can snooze their content without them even realizing anything has changed. You can snooze them for up to 30 days or even make a custom snooze setting for that super annoying person! Where was this feature last year during election season?

The new feature all begin to roll out today, although my APP updated and doesn't have it yet. Who will you be putting on snooze?