Which Fast Food Restaurant Has The Fastest Drive-Thru?

And where will you have to wait the longest?

October 3, 2019
A car goes through a drive thru at a Taco Bell restaurant on February 22, 2018 in Novato, California

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Sometimes you just need to grab some food quickly. There are a lot of fast options including many restaurants that offer drive-thrus so we don't even have to get out of the car to get our food. 

And while drive-thrus are very convenient, some restaurants are on the slower side making customers wait longer for their food. Who do you think ranked the fastest drive-thru?

A study was just done by QSR Magazine about drive-thru wait times. They found that people in 2019 waited an average of four-minutes and 25-seconds to get their order. This is actually 20 seconds more than the average in 2018. 

Depending on the meal you are trying to grab, that can make your time vary a bit as well. Typically, the study found breakfast to be the fastest followed by mid-morning, lunch, dinner, and mid-afternoon. 

So what restaurant is the King or Queen of speed when it comes to their drive-thru?

1. Dunkin' 216.75 seconds

2. Wendy's

3. Burger King

4. Taco Bell

5. Carl's Jr.

6. KFC

7. Arby's

8. Hardee's

9. McDonalds

10. Chick-Fil-A

Fast is great, but I also want to get high quality food. Even if I am in a hurry, I would be far more likely to go to Chick-Fil-A and wait longer because I find their food better than most of the faster options. Also, Chick-fil-A's speed of service is still the slowest, due to its constantly crowded lanes that aren't showing any signs of dying down in the near future. More people in line means you will likely wait longer. Again, it's not that big of a deal for me.